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3D HuBiogel™ vs Current 2D Assay Platforms

Major Limitations of 2D Bioassays
• Does not mimic Tissue Environment
• Poor Predictors of Drug Response
• Aberrant gene expression

Advantages of 3D HuBiogel Assay
• Permits cells to grow, organize & function
  as ‘Mini-tissues'
• Real-time morphological & functional analysis
• Biomarkers & Gene expression similar
  to in vivo conditions

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High Value Utility For Drug Discovery

• Precise analysis of drug sensitivity & toxicity
• Rapid preclinical drug evaluation
• Accelerated functional genomics
  and proteomics research
• Patient-based therapy response
  and biomarker profiling
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Multi-Tissue Models For Drug Discovery

• Create normal & disease ‘mini-tissues’ models
• Elucidate ‘in vivo-like’ cellular & molecular endpoints
• Parallel drug sensitivity tissue toxicity profiling
• Defined bio-scaffolds for stem cells & tissue repair research
• Long-term culture studies of patient-derived cells/ biopsies

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