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  • January-December 2015 VBI signed a M&A; deal with Sacred Cells Research partners (CEO Roman Reed) for expansion of oncology, personal diagnostic and stem cell therapy programs.

    New SBIR Phase I and II contracts are awarded for patient-derived Microtumor assay development and 3D culture of Cancer stem cells.

    Microtumor study presentation at AACR 2015 and scientific publication in JoVE (in press)

  • January-December 2014 VBI signed a joint facility and international collaboration agreement with Genomic Institute of Singapore.

    VBI is awarded SBIR Phase I contract from NCI to develop patient-derived 3D tumor culture/assay system.

    VBI and NCI-CAPR signed a collaborative proposal for evaluation of 3D tumor culture models.

  • January-December 2013 - Vivo Biosciences is awarded new SBIR and STTR Phase I grants to develop an advanced anti-tumor screening system and biohybrid vascular graft.

    VBI entered into R&D; collaborations with GNF-Novartis and Champions Oncolology for validation of Microtumor assay technology.

  • December 2012 - Vivo Biosciences’ product has been named among the top 10 innovations of 2012 by The Scientist magazine. Vivo BioSciences (which makes HuBiogel, a human-derived biogel matrix) won the award for its product HubioGEM, jointly developed by Global Cell Solutions (which makes the GEM magnetic microcarrier). See details at The Scientist

  • October 2010 - Vivo has entered into a R&D collaboration for development of label-free and real-time cell based assays for the xCELLigence System, co-developed by Roche-ACEA and marketed by Roche Applied Science. The new assays will incorporate Vivo Biosciences’ proprietary platform HuBiogel. HuBiogel is a human-derived, natural, biomatrix system which allows for growth, proliferation, and differentiation of primary cells, cancer cells, and stem cells in a 3D format and physiologically relevant environment that closely mimics the in vivo environment. See details at BusinessWire.com

  • July 2010 - Vivo is delighted to announce that US patent for its core HuBiogel technology is granted on June, 2010(#7727550). HuBiogel is a novel human biomatrix, free of growth factors and proteases. It provides physiologically-relevant cell/tissue culture/assay models e.g. angiogenesis, 3D tumor growth, invasion, hypoxia, EMT. Its other high-value utilities include human liver/skin toxicity, regenerative biology and personized medicine.

  • January 2010 - NIEHS has awarded one-year SBIR grant to Vivo Biosceinces (PI: Dr. Raj Singh)for developing a 3D human liver bioassay system to monitor long-term drug toxicity, an important unmet need in drug discovery/development. Vivo will utilize its propreitary 3D HuBiogel culture technology to design mini-liver bioassay platform for rapid analysis of chemical and drug toxicity.
2009 News

  • August 2009 - Birmingham, AL – August 24, 2009 – Dr. Raj Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Biosciences, presented an overview of the 3D HuBiogel™ Assay Platform to the National Institutes of Health’s Advanced Technology Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland on August 18, 2009. The invited presentation was organized by Dr. Frank Cuttitta, Director of the NCI Angiogenesis Core Facility, NIH. Dr. Singh stated, “We appreciate the invitation and opportunity to present our promising 3D in vitro preclinical bioassay platform to the scientific community at the National Cancer Institute. The presentation forum provided an open exchange of scientific ideas and challenges facing in vitro drug discovery research today and how 3D cell modeling can address some of these questions.” PDF

  • July 2009 - Birmingham, AL – July 13, 2009 – Vivo Biosciences presented at the recent 15th Annual Life Sciences Venture Forum in San Jose, CA on June 25, 2009. Vivo Biosciences joined fifteen other companies that were selected from the NIH sponsored LARTA Institute’s Commercialization Assistance Program to showcase their promising technologies in the life sciences. PDF

  • June 2009 - Birmingham, AL – June 15, 2009 – Vivo Bioscience attended the recent Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Eight Annual World Pharma Congress in Philadelphia, PA (June 9 – 11, 2009). Dr. Raj Singh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Biosciences, delivered an oral presentation to the attendees highlighting the power of the 3D HuBiogel preclinical in vitro assay platform. PDF

  • May 2009 - Birmingham, AL – May 25, 2009 – Vivo Bioscience attended the recent 2009 International BIO gathering of cutting edge pharmaceutical and biotechnology executives in the industry. Attendance as an exhibitor allowed Vivo to showcase its defining 3D HuBiogel™ Assay platform technology to the drug discovery industry. Although attendance was down approximately 20 – 30% at the conference as a whole, Vivo enjoyed a nice flow of traffic through its booth with expression of interest from a variety of international as well as United States’ based companies and institutions. PDF

  • May 2009 - Birmingham, AL – May 1, 2009 – The United States, Canada, Japan and the European Union entered into a Memorandum of Cooperation that seeks to reduce the number of animals required for consumer products safety testing worldwide. Linda Birnbaum, Director of the US National Toxicology Program and the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences commented on behalf of the United States, “This agreement will help us achieve greater efficiency by avoiding duplication of effort and allowing us to leverage limited resources.” PDF

  • January 2009 - Birmingham, AL – January 2, 2009 – Vivo Biosciences announced today the appointment of Dr. Lee T. Martin as Senior Director, Business Development. Dr. Martin will be responsible for further developing the market potential of HuBiogel™ and Vivo Biosciences’ HuBiogel™ – associated contract services, and he will report directly into Dr. Raj Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Biosciences. PDF
2008 News

2007 News

  • December 2007 - VBI has recently completed the seed-round investment deal of $2 M with a MD-based venture capital group Toucan Capital Corp (www.toucancapital.com).
2006 News

  • September 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. receives $750K award from United States National Cancer Institute.

  • July 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. receives second Phase II SBIR award from United States National Institutes of Health.

  • June 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. nabs deal with drug giant.

  • May 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. initiates drug screening
    service contract with first large pharmaceutical company.

  • April 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. is selected to participate in
    LARTA Institute’s Commercialization Acceleration Program.

  • January 2006 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. host biomedical engineering internship.
2005 News

  • December 2005 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. initiates research collaborations with scientist at LBLN, UAB, Tufts, SRI, ADMET Technologies and UNC.

  • December 2005 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. completes build-out of dedicated research facility for drug testing services.

  • September 2005 - Venture Capital is Critical.

  • January 2005 - Vivo Biosciences, Inc. incorporates to provide drug screenings services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.




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